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Thursday, April 11, 2013
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How Do I Import Games to My ArbiterGame Account?



You can add multiple games to your school’s schedule by importing a schedule from a spreadsheet. This help page will provide instructions for:

1.    Downloading a spreadsheet template

2.    Entering your schedule information

3.    Uploading your spreadsheet to ArbiterGame


 How to Download a Spreadsheet Template

1.    From the “Schedule” Page, click on the “Add New” drop-down button, and select “Import Games.”


2.    Click on the “Download Template” link on the “Import Games” page.  This will download the spreadsheet template.




How to Enter Your Team’s Schedule Into the ArbiterGame Template

1.    Format – The template will come pre-loaded with team, site, and opponent information from your ArbiterGame account.  Please do not delete any of the columns on the spreadsheet for any reason.  When entering team or site information, be sure to use the dropdown arrows to select the proper team or site name.  This prevents import failures caused by spelling errors.

2.    Required Fields – The following fields MUST be filled out before importing games, otherwise ArbiterGame cannot add the games to your schedule.  Other fields may be left blank, but it is important that you include as much information as possible.

Date – Must use the format ‘mm/dd/yy.’  TBA dates are not allowed.

Time – Must use the format ’12:00 AM.’  For TBA times, use ‘TBA.’

Team – Select the level of play. 

Home/Away – Set whether your team is either ‘home’ or ‘away’ (Use ‘H’ or 'A’).

Site – If no site is entered, then the default site for the team will be used.

3.    Transportation/Facility Requests –  Select “Yes” or “No” to indicate if your team needs to submit a Transportation or Facility Request.

4.    Assigned By – This column sets which group will be in charge of assigning officials to the game.  Select “Assigned by School,” to allow your school to handle assigning, or “ArbiterOne Assigner” to allow assigning to be done by ArbiterOne. 

5.    When you have finished entering your school’s schedule, save the spreadsheet to your computer in a location where you can easily access it again.


How to Upload Your Spreadsheet to Arbiter Game

1.    From the “Import Games” page, click the “Choose File” button.

2.    Select your spreadsheet file from your computer’s file location.

3.    Click the “Upload” button on the “Import Games” page. 

Once you upload the games from your spreadsheet, the list of games will be displayed on your screen.  A status column on the far right will indicate whether the upload was successful or failed.


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