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Add Squads

Friday, September 7, 2012
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Adding a squad to your teams list can be done very easily. You will want to create a team that already exists and a box to name the squads will open up for you.

 From your Teams page click the Create New team button.


From the Add team page create the team you want a squad for. This will open the Add Squad page.



You can then name your Squads and click the Done Adding Squad Name button.

You will then be able finish setting the Default Settings for your new team. When you finish and save your team, you will see your squad teams on your teams page and they will show on your list of teams when you add a game.


A few notes on using Squads

  • You can edit and change the name of any of your squads at any time by click the team name and entering the edit team page
  • When another team adds a game for your school, they will not see your list of squads. It will default to your original team.
  • You can change the squad on a game without having to get it accepted by the other teams on the game. If your contract is accepted and you change the game from one squad to another the contract will stay accepted.
  •  You will only be able to add 4 squads per Sport/Gender combination.
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