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Sept 5th 2013 Update

Thursday, September 5, 2013

ArbiterGame Release notes for September 5th, 2013

Updates, Enhancements and bug fixes

·         Updated Tournaments so that they can be published from the edit page

·         Updated the students info page to show email address

·         Added ability to updated Student eligibility in mass

·         Added more instructions on the Import pages

·         Fixed bug when searching for a game using the game ID it would return no games

·         Fixed bug with ArbiterLive schedules that would show some games twice when printed

·         Fixed bug where School Dude mapping showed inactive rooms

·         Fixed bug with Student search that caused it to only search by last name

·         Fixed bug with Cross Level games so they show right when edited

·         Fixed bug with Tests where you could not review a past test if you did not answer all of the questions

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