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June 27th 2013 Update

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ArbiterSports Release notes for June 27th, 2013


  1. Added the ability to edit a game and change the Home and Away teams if necessary.  This will ask any of the opponents on the game to accept the change. Once they do the contract icon will change back to yellow.
    Notes:  If you where the Home team it will delete your Facility request.
    If you where the Away team you will need to edit the game and add a facility request.
  2. If you have an assigner that assigns officials for your game, and any changes are made to the game. That assigner can now accept changes made to the game before all schools have.
  3. We also made improvements to the list of sites you see when adding a new site. This will make it easier to find the site you are looking to add. 
  4. Fixed a bug with ArbiterLive pages. The team schedule page failed to load the games properly. 

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