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June 21, 2012 Update

Thursday, June 21, 2012
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  • Filter games by master teams, sites, and billtos
  • Updated schedule import template to include master teams, sites and billtos
  • Import schedules using import template with master teams, sites and billtos
  • Categorize sub sites into types
  • Add and edit master sub sites


  • Adds option for officials to download a completed test
  • Fixes bug that prevented video sort order from saving


  • Ability to change game from ‘no officials required’ to ArbiterOne assignor
  • Filter for games with ‘Issues’
  • Add sub sites from the add game screen
  • ‘Ice Arena’ added to site types
  • Addresses bug that prevents scheduling AM times
  • Fixes issue where ‘Facility/Transportation Requests’ weren’t saving from add game screen
  • Addresses error when trying to edit an ArbiterOne TBA game
  • Improves management of TBA opponents
  • Fixes bug that closed game detail drop down menus prematurely
  • Addresses issue where ‘Sideline Cheer’ icon was showing incorrectly
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