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July 05, 2012 Update

Thursday, July 5, 2012
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  • When importing games, assignors are given more info about game conflicts and duplicates
  • More info is provided when assignors encounter conflicts when using a master team and/or site
  • Assignors can adjust default sites and billtos of master teams within their account


  • Add up to 11 options on a multiple choice question within a test


  • Create an away game where the home team is TBA
  • School account ID is now displayed under the 'Support' drop down menu
  • Adds more sub site types
  • When adding an official you can use the Enter button to submit data
  • Fixes bug that prevent using Crtl+V in 'Find by game ID'
  • Addresses issue with the 'Current School Year' filter not showing game schedule
  • Updates instructions when 'I can't find an opponent I'm looking for'
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