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April, 3rd 2013 Update

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
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ArbiterGame Release notes for April 3rd 2013

Updates and Enhancements

·         Added ability to delete a team. Team must not have any students or games.

·         Added ability to delete an Event.

·         Added ability for a school to upload their own school logo. This is done from the settings tab.

·         Added ability to print student eligibility list from the edit team page. This eliminates the need to filter students list from students tab.

·         Enhanced the Settings page to get more information about your school.

·         Improved performance on a number of pages and tasks

o   Team Roster page

o   Loading Students page

o   Edit a Tournament

o   Accepting contracts

·         Changed email address where game change emails come from.

·         Made “League” the default setting when adding a new game.

·         Added an Icon for TBA on ArbiterLive



Bug fixes

·         Fixed bug that did not let you click the cancel button when a game conflict was found.

·         Fixed bug where you were not taken back to the right page after editing a game.

·         Fixed bug with preset game filters. They will now only show the dates indicated.

·         Fixed bug when using the "Create Game & New" feature so that all settings are carried to the next step.

·         Fixed bug where not all Students would show on the student’s page.

·         Fixed bug where Sub-site did not always show on the games add page.

·         Fixed bug so that you can now scroll down on the team roster page to see the full list of the students on your team.

·         Fixed bug that would remove slots from games when accepted in ArbiterGame.

·         Fixed bug where you had to adjust the away team's level manually when creating a meet.

·         Fixed bug with Subscribe to Opponent page when using the Filter by name option.

·         Fixed bug on Assigning page that let text run over edges

·         Fixed bug in ArbiterLive where games would show up multiple times.

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