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April, 18th 2013 Update

Friday, April 19, 2013
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ArbiterGame Release notes for April 18th 2013

Updates and Enhancements

  • Updated teams display to always list teams by Sport, then gender, then by Level (Basketball, Boys, Varsity).
  • Added contact info to Games Assigned by an Assigner in ArbiterOne. When you open the officials pop down on a game, you will now see the name of the group with contact information for the assignor of the game. 
  • Game Change emails now come from This helps our emails not get blocked and marked as Spam.
  • Added new filter to the Games Page. You will now be able to filter your games by type (Game, Practice, Tournament, or Event). 
  • Added new option on date filter. You now will have Future games. One of our favorite combinations is to set your filter to show you future games in combination with the issues filters. This would show you games that need your attention. 
  • Added ability to pay officials with RefPay even if they have no accepted the game. They will still need to have a RefPay account. 
  • Bug Fix: If a team changes an opponent on a game the game change is working properly (Original team must accept the change to be taken off the game and the new team must accept the game). This bug has only been fixed when the game is school assigned or no officials. 
  • Bug Fix: Calendar view was unstable and could get in a state where your games did not show. It was made more stable, however we are aware there are still a few bugs that cause this to happen. Look forward to more fixes of this nature.
  • Added ability to enter alternative URL for ArbiterLive site. If your school wants people directed to another site to see games schedule for your school it can be set on the settings page in ArbiterGame. 
  • ArbiterLive team schedules have the option to view past year and one year forward. Only games marked "Published" will show on these lists
  • Games on ArbiterLive now show a bit more information. They will show if the game is a League game and the status of the game (Rainout, Canceled, etc...)
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