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  • 9/3/2012

    While majority of ArbiterSports' features work on a mobile phone or tablet, we do not support our full site on these devices.  Please do not ask customer service for full site assistance on mobile phones or tablets.

  • 6/26/2012

    All Arbiter groups share site information.  This is how we ensure a site is not double booked.  Because everyone shares the site info, anything you change will be seen and used by all - Think Wikipedia.


    Most sites will have sub sites.  These are the individual locations for games.  You might have a park that has two soccer fields. More...

  • 6/25/2012

    The following is a list of ArbiterOne assigning accounts that sync with ArbiterGame.


    GroupID   GroupName
    104287   12th Region Basketball
    108582   13th Region Volleyball 
    108599   13th Region Volleyball
    109348   15th Region Soccer
    108513   2014 World Lacrosse Championships
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