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  • 4/16/2013

    You can add multiple student profiles to your school’s roster by importing a roster from a spreadsheet. 

  • 4/11/2013

    How Do I Import Games to My ArbiterGame Account?



    You can add multiple games to your school’s schedule by importing a schedule from a spreadsheet. This help page will provide instructions for:

    1.    Downloading a spreadsheet template

    2.    Entering your schedule information

    3.    Uploading your spreadsheet to ArbiterGame


     How to Download a Spreadsheet Template

    1.   More...

  • 9/10/2012



    Creating a Meet or a game with multiple teams is done by first creating the game with just two teams, then editing the game and by using the “Add More Opponents” option, add all the teams that belong on the game.

    First create the game with just one away team. Set the date, time and all other informationMore...

  • 9/7/2012


    Adding a squad to your teams list can be done very easily. You will want to create a team that already exists and a box to name the squads will open up for you.

     From your Teams page click the Create New team button.


    From the Add team page create theMore...

  • 5/22/2012

    How to Access Your ArbiterGame Account

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